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I am Sarvesh Bhatnagar, an individual with great interest in coding & research. If you would ask me to describe myself in 3 words I would say, "inquisitive, growth-oriented, coder". A detailed explanation for why is given here LinkedIn Post Although there are not many likes to that post, I am sure you will find it interesting.

I have a strong inclination towards learning something new, my specialty lies in burnishing my abilities, leading a group of people evident in the organization formed by me and my peer named Project Drive, Teaching and getting things done.

Ongoing Works:

  1. Research on Serverless Computing with Prof. Zheng Song
  2. Mentoring Pratyash Srivastava while doing a project Sure-Audio with him
  3. Preparing for a podcast series
  4. Patronizing or Condescending Language detection

My Story

  • Timeline

  • before joining the University I have been in talks with Prof. Zheng Song for about 4 months, we discussed on various topics such as API's, API recommendation, Serverless Computing, Serverless Computing related to Edge, Edge Computing, Serverless Computing Investigation and so on...

    Currently I am a Research Assistant under his guidance and I hope to work on topics relating to serverless Computing and Edge Computing.

    I also volunteered for SPLASH2021 conference. Its a top tier conference for software engineering that provided me with a great experience to learn new things and interact with different people and understand their research.

    Ongoing Works:

    1. Research on Serverless Computing

  • I worked with Prof. Nitin Choubey on this paper and published it in a journal namely Social Network Analysis and Mining with citescore of around 4.0 Given that, In this paper we talked about a framework that can be used for understanding overall interests given a topic, which might help with a better perspective on micro and macro view.

  • Published a paper titled, A Review of common approaches to sentiment analysis and community detection.

    This paper discusses some of the commonly used methods for sentiment analysis along with community detection. This was something we came up while working on our final year project that deals with generating group of individuals based on their common sentiments.

  • Director

    RevoltronX - 2020-2021

    I became a director of a Technology Startup in India named as RevoltronX. I am currently responsible for its web development. Working in a growing startup will provide me with the opportunity to learn more and further my skills.

  • Co-founder & Head

    Project Drive - 2019 - Current

    Project Drive is my dream organization, which I along with my peer started for cultivating interest, skills, and inquisitiveness of its members.

    Project Drive as of now consists of an excellent team working on 5 different projects, and have completed 1 project so far. This organization currently consists of 27 active members.

  • Code Logic

    Podcast - 2018 - Current

    I like to teach hence I started doing the same in the form of Podcast, namely Code Logic. In Code Logic, I discuss various algorithms and also talk about different domains in computer science.

  • CSI event organizer(college level)

    CSI - 2018 - 2019

    During the tenure, I taught a batch of 60 first year students how to code in C++. Aside from that I was also a part of organizing fun coding events in our college as a part of CSI.

  • IAENG Membership

    IAENG - 2018

    I became a member of IAENG (International Association of Engineers).

  • Paper Publication

    IJCA - 2018

    I like to indulge in topic's which I like, Linked list intruigues me and so I thought about it a bit and ended up with publishing a research paper on indexing techniques for linked list.

  • www.introtoalgo.com

    Blog - 2017 - Current

    I love to teach and to code so during my 2nd year of Btech, I started a blog for the same purpose : namely Introduction to algorithms (www.introtoalgo.com)

  • Started My Coding Journey

    NMIMS University - 2016 - Current

    It all starts somewhere... my journey starts after 12th result in which I was the college topper in Computer Programming Subject, I thought lets give it a try...

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Data Structures

Artificial Intelligence

Community Detection

Natural Language Processing

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My Programming Language toolbox

    In programming, it is hard to quantify the proficiency of an individual as it is subjective. I have listed a few of the languages I know and have tried to categorize them into two tiers.

    1. Proficient
    2. Familiar

      The languages I am proficient in means I have done the majority of my work in those languages, other languages I have just used for fun, learning purposes or I did some minor work using them.









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